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December 2nd

Bearing Fault Detection on Slow Speed Shafts

We will discuss the difficulties encountered in detecting slow speed shaft bearing faults. We well examine best-practice approaches to selection of low frequency accelerometers and advanced signal processing aimed toward impact detection.

Panelist: Steve Hudson - Director of Operations, Symphony AzimaAI

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December 3rd

Using AI to reduce energy usage in smelters

We will look at how AI and digital twin technology to are used to build accurate asset models and process advisories in order to reduce specific power consumption at the highly energy intensive aluminium smelters.

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December 9th

AI Primer for Asset Performance Management

We will examine methods of performing anomaly detection on industrial assets using historical and real-time-data. We also see how we can produce explainable results that are immediately useful and actionable for the end-user.

Panelist: Sudeep Gowrishankar - Data Scientist, Symphony AzimaAI

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December 10th

Best Practices for Automated Diagnostics

We will discuss the growing volume of industrial data, leveraging technology and expansive data lakes to train models faster, and closing the loop to ensure accuracy and effective insights of your PdM program.

Panelist: Michael DeMaria - Director of Product Management, Symphony AzimaAI

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