Rapid Time to Value from AI

Metals & Mining

Driving the Economic Returns from
Digital Ops to Entitlement


  • Milling throughput
  • Separation & Refining performance


  • Powered Haulage downtime
  • Production variability

Ecosystem to rapidly co-create & operationalize AI solutions

Pre-Built Integration

A high-performance IIoT data platform with pre-built integrations to existing systems of record (historians such as OSI PI, EAM/CMMS, SCADA etc.)

Template Library

A growing library of templates for milling, recovery, ore properties, and powered haulage accelerates implementation and time to value. New templates can be added rapidly to co-create new solutions.

Pre-Embedded AI/ML

Productized AI/ML algorithms provide real-time optimization of milling, separation, refining estimates, and ore properties. Predict failure of haulage parts, and easily incorporate and extend with in-house analytics.

Productized Insights

Pre-packaged solutions, Process 360AI and Asset 360AI, provide real-time intelligence to engineers and operators making critical operational decisions about milling, recovery, controls, and haulage maintenance.

Productized AI to optimize mining performance & asset uptime

Improve the efficiency of your milling, recovery and smelter operations. Increase consistency in meeting your production targets through online ore characterization.

Tighten process controls and increase the uptime of your powered haulage equipment.

Case Study: Mining


Gold production throughput and yield constrained by use of typical HMI data requiring operators to run equipment conservatively and short of optimal operating envelope


Equipment templates with embedded multi-variate, deep-learning models instantly considers significantly more parameters in dynamically determining AI-augmented optimal operating zone.


Increased mill throughput by 3%-5%


“The potential to achieve a breakthrough is now coming within the industry’s reach through digital and technology innovations that could transform key aspects of mining.”

Mckinsey & Company

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