Optimizing Melting Furnace Performance with an AI Digital Twin

Join us June 10th! 

In this webinar, we will look at some key challenges in predicting and optimizing the performance of melting furnaces used in glass & metals manufacturing. We will then talk about our novel online AI digital twin framework with a mobile app UX interface, that enables operators to remotely monitor and optimize furnace performance.

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APM and Performance Optimization at Scale

Join us June 11th! 

In this webinar, we will cover typical challenges faced when organizations implement APM and Performance optimization solutions. We will discuss practical considerations to successfully plan, implement and manage these software solutions.

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Digital Twins for ‘Remaining time to failure’ & ‘What-if analysis’

Join us June 18th! 

In this webinar, we will examine typical challenges in modeling an asset’s time to functional failure and its influencing factors. Our innovative approach to AI digital twin modeling enables ‘What-if analysis’ to determine the most optimal way to increase the time to failure.

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Scalable IIOT/AI platform for APM & Performance Optimization

Join us June 24th! 

In this webinar, we will examine the challenges & opportunities in Industry 4.0 to continuously collect data from Edge and Cloud, to providing (closed-loop) insights through the use of AI in a Hybrid Cloud environment.

Topics include: multi-tenant secure platform capabilities, rapid asset-modelling, connectors, high-volume data extraction and multi-structured storage, scalable data transformation pipelines and analytics, and insightful modern UI.

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Self-tuning Adaptive AI-models Complementing Advanced Process Control

Join us June 25th! 

In this webinar, we will examine typical challenges in the operations of advanced process controls and highlight how advances in AI effectively address these challenges. Our Self-tuning adaptive AI models keep constant track of process changes and continuously adjust controller parameters to get the best optimal performance.

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AI for the Asset Management Professional

Join us July 8th! 

Avoid the data science project trap. In the dynamic and growing space of Artificial Intelligence knowing how and where to apply it are critical to achieving value. In this webinar we will discuss how asset management professionals can use AI for effective results.

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Reducing Manual Vibration Analysis

Join us July 9th! 

In this webinar, we will explore new technologies and proven practices useful in reducing the manual workforce typically required in traditional vibration analysis programs.

Vibration programs historically rely on highly skilled engineers, internal or outsourced, to properly execute the analysis program. Symphony AzimaAI will discuss effective utilization of your overly tasked staff (prioritized data), applying wireless sensors (wireless pros and cons), and solving technical gaps being caused by reduced analytical resources and limited staffing capacity.

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Real-time Soft Sensors - AI and Physics to Improve Plant Performance

Join us July 15th! 

In this webinar, we will be learning about how an AI based prediction model can make high frequency estimate of  some critical quality  parameters which are difficult to measure in real time.

 A real time knowledge of product key quality parameters enables better quality and process controls hence increased plant profitability.

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Next Gen APM Digital Twin – Combining High Frequency Vibration data with Process Measurements

Join us July 16th! 

In this webinar, we will highlight some approaches to combine high frequency vibration data with process measurements to improve the prediction accuracy & fault coverage of AI digital twin models used in predictive maintenance of large critical assets such as integrally geared centrifugal compressors.

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