ALERT – Automated Diagnostic Software

Proven technology for Machinery Condition Assessment.  Multi-technology support, simple setup and automation, advanced display of dynamic data, plain-language results.  Supports geographically diverse teams through the connected Industrial Internet of Things.

ALERT 4.0 – The Analyst’s Application

Analysts can get more done with the automation provided in the ALERT application. Machine assets follow a logical process to setup through a series of questions. Each measurement location is a collective of the three orthogonal axes and multiple data types to provide the simplest visualization of high and low frequency excitation.  Vibration data are processed through over 6000 feature extraction rules, applying the same techniques as a human analyst to recognize unique fault patterns. Displayed results utilize any number of the over 1250 fault conditions ranked by severity for analytical confirmation.

Communication is straightforward to synchronize the master database with all data collectors in the field. Analysts need not spend their workday in the plant collecting data. Using the proven methods that AzimaAI has deployed for decades, collection is accomplished by technicians and operators and data is delivered to the analytical teams wherever they reside in the world.

Complex data are gathered and then evaluated by the automated diagnostic rules to provide a first pass of analysis in a priority ranked order. Analysts can focus their attention on what is most important to the uptime management of the plant.

Premier automated vibration analysis software to match your program needs

ALERT comes in four versions, to best conform to the needs at your facility.

ExpertALERT, the premier automated diagnostic software, is included at no cost when connected to the WATCHMAN Data Center as available through a web application.

  • ExpertALERT — automated diagnostics for fast screening of data and creation of reports.
  • StandardALERT — manual analysis of dynamic data and reporting application
  • ViewALERT — vibration analysis data and report viewer
  • ExpertALERT-Cloud — Same ExpertALERT application available through web application



Automated Diagnostic Software

ExpertALERT provides critical machinery health information in addition to vibration data, by rapidly screening vibration measurements and applying over 6000 unique rules to identify over 1200 individual faults in a wide variety of machine types.  Our proven automated machinery condition assessment system can process hundreds of vibration measurements in just a few minutes leaving you with a fault diagnosis, fault severity and repair priority and action. Instead of overwhelming you with data that is difficult to interpret, ExpertALERT provides fast and accurate screening that will lead to better diagnostic results.  TRIO® X-series data collectors include embedded ExpertALERT software.

  • Asset setup with wizards
  • 75,000 bearing asset library
  • 15,000 motor asset library
  • Rulebase diagnostic automation

ExpertALERT - Cloud-based automated diagnostics software

Access vital machine health information from your web browser

All of the same great features of ExpertALERT without the cost of a local IT infrastructure, database management, and software maintenance. The cloud-based version of ExpertALERT operates through AzimaAI’s secure, web-accessible terminal servers. Fast and convenient, users can access their data at the office or on the go. This version of ExpertALERT works with all Portal-enabled data collectors and the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal.


Manual Analysis Software

StandardALERT contains all of the manual analysis tools found in ExpertALERT. The software automatically screens your data for alarms or exceedances in up to 63 alarm bands per test location and up to 99 test locations per machine. This software is appropriate for those on a budget or who have machines or applications that lend themselves better to manual analysis.


Read-only Viewer Software

ViewALERT is a read-only version of ALERT. Users have access to all reports and analysis tools but they cannot add, edit, delete or modify any information. ViewALERT is typically used when your data is transmitted elsewhere for analysis or as a license on an Enterprise network. TRIO® A-series data collectors include embedded ViewALERT software.


Real-Time Analysis Software

ALERT  RTA adds new power to your TRIO® data collectors with real-time, four channel simultaneous data acquisition and cross channel capabilities.  ALERT RTA allows the export of collected data for modeling and other applications. With ALERT RTA, the full capability of data collection is realized. In addition to spectrum and waveform collection for four channels, ALERT RTA provides advanced measurement techniques such as transfer functions, coherence and cross-power spectrum.

Supported data types: • Time Domain (Up to 41 KHz sample rate) • Long Time Capture (Capture events lasting from 6.4 seconds to 3,276.7 seconds, or 54.6 minutes) • Spectra (25,600 maximum lines resolution max frequency range of 16 KHz) • RMS (Overall) • DC • Speed • 1X Amplitude / Phase • Triggered measurements • Time Synchronous Averaging • Transfer Function • Coherence • Cross Power • Envelope Demodulation • Bump Test • Modal Analysis • Export ALERT RTA readings into Universal File Format (UFF) for input into Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) software such as ME Scope

ALERT Multi-plane Balance

Multiple Plane, Multiple Speed Balance Software

With an intuitive user interface, ALERT Multi-plane Balance will allow you to balance simple or complex machinery using your TRIO® data collector.

Field-balancing experts designed the ALERT Multi-plane Balance software, so you can expect a system that allows you to work both efficiently and effectively. The system allows in-place balancing of machinery in one to four planes. Its multi-speed optimization capability provides optimum balance solutions at up to three different speeds, providing the best correction solutions for variable speed machines.  The software is available for our family of data collectors.

The intuitive user interface provides streaming phase/amplitude and speed information so anomalies can be quickly identified. The live vector display shows a continuous visualization of the machines’ dynamic state. Balance history is provided with logical “vector progressions” so progress can be graphically identified and understood. Balance quality reports can be printed directly from the data collector to a Windows compatible or network printer.

  • 1 TO 4 plane balancing
  • Effective on variable speed machines
  • Live vector displays
  • Advanced Graphics and reporting capabilities

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