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For 50+ years, Innovators of Industrial Insight From Component Health to Plant Performance Optimization. Enabled by Deep Domain Experts, IIOT and AI With the Industry’s Largest Data Lake of Machine Health Data.

Peak Industrial PerformanceTM

Industrial companies on average use 5% of their collected data for operations and analytics. Are you one of them?

Start your Digital Transformation with Symphony AzimaAI

We deliver AI-based asset health and process performance solutions that help improve output quality, yield, throughput, and energy usage.

It’s not about insights – it’s about keeping it all running.

Hari Menon - CSO

Why Choose Symphony Azima AI?

Leading Analytical Expertise

Leading Analytical Expertise

The WATCHMAN Reliability Services are flexible, subscription-based, asset monitoring solutions that feature Symphony AzimaAI’s domain expertise for plant health analysis and executive insight. We use cutting-edge technology to rapidly deploy and deliver actionable diagnostics and repair recommendations – not just data – to drive effective maintenance and reliablity programs.

Proven Methodology

Proven Methodology

Symphony AzimaAI’s sophisticated rulesbase methodology extends beyond simple monitoring of alarms on peaks or spectral bands. Our test-point variation feature captures and compares complex patterns detected from the entire set of locations on your machine. Coupled with TRIO, the simplest, safest, and most advanced data collector available, collection can be handled by technicians or operators, freeing analysts to focus on understand risk to production.

Complete Program Visibility

Complete Program Visibility

The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal gives managers and executives insight into asset performance, capacity, and operational risk. The Portal’s anywhere, anytime access enables managers and executives to stay on top of maintenance decisions and view valuable business metrics that help keep facilities operating at optimum performance.

  • “The people that are doing all of the interpretation of the data is very, very important. We get reports from Azima DLI, it highlights the level of problems and it’s prioritized.”

    Brad Medlock, Manager, National Maintenance and Operations
  • “We had issues with some of the compressors we were re-building that were failing because of imbalance and we didn’t know this until after we started using Azima DLI.”

    Robert Smith, Compressor Shop Foreman
  • “I worked with competitor's software and analyzers but they are not as developed as well as Azima DLI’s ExpertALERT.”

    Ramiro Leon, Maintenance Engineer

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